What to Look for in a Blade Mixing Machine

The blade mixing company that you choose must deliver trustworthy service and offer a wide range of machines. Their need to provide you with machines that out perform the competition and last a long time. Their machines should be made from the highest quality metals and materials that can perform under pressure. They need to withstand rapid temperature changes and have the most current technological features. You want a company that makes durable machines with an outstanding reputation and a devoted clientele.

The mixing machines that are offered need to include Double Planetary and Multi-Shaft Mixers, Double Arm Extenders and Mixer Extruders as well as Ribbon, Paddle and Turbulent Blenders. They should offer Conical Screw Blenders and Dryers and Agitated Filtration and Drying Systems. The Double Arm Mixers must mix and blend your materials completely and quickly. Their features must include dual mixing and core blades that can blend a variety of products, including sealing compounds, rubber compounds, silicone and ceramic paste. It needs to mix pencil leads, explosives and polishing pastes too. The machine should blend many types of materials regardless of consistency.

Additionally, the machine must consist of a mechanical or hydraulic drive system and be remotely controlled. It should have jacketed mixing troughs for heating and cooling and unique die heads with special extrusion sprouts. The machine must have the capacity to complete large jobs with adjustable speed ranges. The Conical Screw Processors need to be versatile and mix, blend, homogenize and become a vacuum dryer. It must be available for use with chemicals, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. It should also be used for food, cosmetics, plastic and rubber.

Their Double Arm Mixer should possess mixing, blending and dispersing capabilities with strong blades. They need to have sturdy twin blades that can knead through asphaltic derivatives, masterbatches and polyester compounds. They must be available in Sigma, dispersion or double nobbin shapes that are made to blend products thoroughly. A sigma blade mixer is made with carbon or stainless steel and can be used for more difficult jobs. They have a vapor tight or vacuum design cover with removable wear liners.

The company should have experience serving different industries, including chemical, food, beverage and cosmetics companies. They need to have expertise with providing services to pharmaceutical, healthcare, paint and coatings companies too. A company with a diverse range of clients will know exactly how to fulfill the needs of your company. Their mixers need to have a track record of mixing up several types of compounds such as battery paste, laundry detergents and metal powders. When it comes to food processing their mixes must be able to blend cake mixes, pet foods and cookie dough. Their experience with the healthcare industry should include processing gelatin capsules, multi-vitamins and toothpaste.

A company that is well rounded with dependable blending and mixing machines will assist you with completing your project and getting your product on the market. They will provide you with an optimal machine and ensure your needs are met.