What Is London Fashion Week And Can You Get Tickets?

Mingle with designers, retailers and style experts at the London Fashion Week Festival in The Store, 180 The Strand. From the mid late 70’s, Caftans, Kaftans, Kimonos, mummus, djellaba (a Moroccan with pointed hood) or jalabiya (loose eastern robe) and several other types from each and every part of India and Africa, have been in turn transformed into home style robes for casual wear.

Hi joelle, these days I live in jeans and wellies, although I nevertheless look at the style magazines, I haven’t been to a large style show in a extended time, it was effortless when I lived in London, but I’m hoping to go to this one particular, I’d like to see at least one particular show and do some window purchasing, If I can get the time off operate.

As style trends changed, designers became bolder in their tailoring for guys, they added embroidery and ruffles to garments, conservatism gave way to flower energy, wide kipper ties became fashionable as men began to exercising their self-expression through fashion.

In what expects to be a complete sell-out in just a few hours, the collection attributes pieces which are pushing the fashion boundaries to their limits: genuinely playful clothes and accessories in mad, bright colours, all signatures of the brand’s rule-breaking founder, Kenzo Takada.

Such a entertaining collection demands a spectacle and the style crowd was treated to a cabaret efficiency, with girls in gold sequin bodysuits dancing with giant bananas, models wearing emoji-esque watermelon, pineapple and grape costumes and a overall performance by Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto.