Three Ways You Can Sell Your Old Circuit Breakers

Selling your old breaker boxes has never been easier with access to social media sites, smartphone apps, and your local flea market. In order to find out which option will be best for you, you will want to figure out how much spare time you have between work and appointments, as well as how quickly you need to sell your items. Before placing the breaker box up for sale, you will need to conduct an assessment of your own to make sure everything is running properly with no ongoing issues that will turn buyers away.

Social Media

The world of buying and selling has been increasing popular due to the access of social media sites that offer users the chance to buy and sell items across the site. When you make the decision to sell circuit breaker on any type of social media you will need to start by taking a variety of pictures of the item so potential buyers can get a good look at the breaker box and the condition it is in. After your photos are taken you can add a description of the box and add key facts such as how old it is, the size, and whether or not there are any ongoing issues with it.

Smartphone Apps

If you are looking for selling options that allow you to have instant access and a variety of selling options, smartphone apps are the way to go. Most apps will allow you to directly connect your account to your cellphone so when a potential buyer has a question about your circuit breaker, the message will get sent directly to your phone. This makes selling all of your items a quick and easy process rather than having to login to an account multiple times a day.

Local Flea Markets

Flea markets are an excellent place to sell just about anything you have laying around your home, including your circuit breakers. When you are selling items at the flea market it is important to remember to place your stand in a heavy populate area on the grounds and keep your stand clean and organized for potential buyers to view your items easily. When a buyer inquiries about your circuit breaker, you will want to have full details about the age of the box and whether or not there are any problems with any of the breakers.

When you make the decision to sell breaker boxes that have been laying around your home for years on end, you will need to figure out how you want to pursue the matter. Three popular places you can place the boxes up for sale are social media sites, smartphone apps, and at your local flea market. Keep in mind that before you place any breaker box up for sale you will want to figure out the age of the box and what is wrong with it whether it be a few dents and scratches or missing pieces that could potentially make it difficult to use.