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An exclusive and intimate occasion held after a year in the style capital of the UK, London Fashion Film Festival offers a fresh and colourful look at the innovative planet of fashion film. But it really is not all algorithms: The website also employs individual stylists and includes a social network about style. If you can’t make it to the Fashion Weekend, the action will be streamed reside across the country on open-air screens. Topshop managed to make a handful of of the decade’s trickier trends look surprisingly wearable, which includes crimped hair (softness is key), loud animal prints (bring on the zebra), and sexpot-style vinyl skirts.

Hi faith, I remember seeing your glamorous fashion shots, and extremely lovely they had been to. I guess most of us flirted with the style globe at that age, I was also doing my nurse coaching at that time so it was off and on for a few years.

The programme brings collectively a network of LCF-affiliated academics and researchers to help designers prepare for the showcase by providing them mentoring possibilities and seminars on business improvement. Formally known as London Fashion Weekend, this bi-annual festival follows London Fashion Week (17 to 21 February and 15 to 19 September in 2017), a single of the greatest and most prestigious style showcases in the globe. Of course, running alongside all of this, the London fashion events calendar is packed with events suitable for style specialists and trade.

At this fabulous store that sells mixed brands known as Brown Focus they sold some gorgeous Ella Moss creations that had been intricate, innovative and cute (appropriate-though this is perhaps not the greatest instance since Brown’s on-line presentation is not precisely that great).

Hi joelle, these days I live in jeans and wellies, despite the fact that I nonetheless look at the fashion magazines, I have not been to a big fashion show in a extended time, it was effortless when I lived in London, but I am hoping to go to this 1, I’d like to see at least one show and do some window purchasing, If I can get the time off work.