Everybody Must Know These Korean Fashion Brands

PSR presents the second project in its work to communicate with the globe- SHOP GET IT K. It covers Korean fashion, Korean cosmetics and K-POP goods to more than 99 nations worldwide. Searching to modify the way customers see goods stamped with the words Made in China,” the on-line buying website for Chinese-designed clothing aims to be a resourceful outlet for those not only seeking for greater quality clothing at affordable costs, but also gives lesser-identified designers in China an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Seoul has become a really, really trendy city, and every little thing is changing so fast,” Korean fashion designer Demi Choonmoo Park tells me as we sit in her showroom in Apgujeong-dong, surrounded by racks of her abstract, architectural creations.

But I am writing this due to the fact I think they must at least feel ashamed of what they are doing by getting exposed in an international medium that korean girls are the most ugliest in the world since their minds are ugliest even though they are all putting the same artificial looking faces on.

Not only has he dressed the contry’s First Lady, but also collaborated with leading Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, KT & G, and Kuemho to develop a Lie Sang Bong” restricted edition mobile phone, pc styles, cigarettes, home décor, and interior styles.

Ladies started to wear Western-style dresses rather of hanbok,” or Korean standard costume, and they would hold a parasol in a single hand to cover their faces, efficiently replacing the skirt-shaped headgear employed to conceal their faces in the deeply Confucian Joseon era.