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Don’t Underestimate Dementia Disorder

Usually those who experience dementia disorders are people with old age. But the current hot issue of dementia is precisely young people. Young people who experience dementia actually do not have brain disease such as dementia experienced by older people. But more emphasis on the memory disorders that exist in our brain. One must be able to concentrate fully to remember something. In addition, we must often train our memories repeatedly and then excluded from the mind. Like we sharpen a dull knife, if often do it will always be sharp.

Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia may accompany other varied symptoms, depending on the underlying disease disorder as well as the condition. Here’s the exposure to the characteristics of symptoms caused by dementia problems:

  • Confabulation: Characteristics by making information to fill empty memory.
  • Short-term Memory: The ability to remember in the instantaneous time.
  • The Tip of Tongue: The feeling that we have the knowledge you are looking for or recall (remembering the memory we have to say), but we can not say it or in other words, the memory is only on the tip of the tongue.
  • Hyperesthetic Memory: Defined as a memory process characterized by involuntary recollections.
  • Bewilderment Suggests: Characterized by confusion due to one of the missing memory.

Of the several characteristics of these symptoms, senility experienced by a person can cause problems of loss of self-esteem. Why is that? Because someone can not do something well because it lost the function of the memory. Clinical conditions can be categorized as follows:

  • Psychogenic Amnesia: Can not remember his own identity.
  • Psychogenic Fugue: Someone combines the psychogenic symptoms of amnesia by going from home and often arriving in an unfamiliar city.

If you have experienced symptoms like the above. Never underestimate it if you love yourself. Especially if you really love your family.


5 Most Strange and Rare Eye Disorder in the World

Not always eye disorders or abnormalities in the eye is a disease. Because there are some people with rare conditions in his eyes it makes himself famous. Like the 12 most strange and rare eye disorders in the world following, what they experience due to genetic abnormalities alias has been inherited since they were born into the world.

1. Star-Shaped Cataracts

In documenting the health journal of Lenox Hospital in New York. Mark Fromer an Eye Specialist once reported that one of his patients had a unique accident. The patient who is known to exercise hobby had experienced the accidentally hit accident by his own friend right in the eyes.

Over time his eyes are impaired until cataracts arise. Strangely cataract layers that precisely shaped like a unique star. Although it looks beautiful because perhaps only his patient is the only person in the world who has a star eye. But Doctor Mark Fromer still conducts cataract surgery in order not to interfere with the patient’s visual function.

2. Polycoria (Duplex Pupula)

Polycoria or also called duplex Pupula is a rare condition of pathology in the eye organ that is very rare in humans. The characteristic of the Polycoria eye is to have more than one pupil in the iris, more precisely plated and usually, this condition has been owned since birth. The number of pupils can even reach 2 to 3 pieces.

Although a person is born with a Polycoria eye disorder, this does not endanger his health and eye function is still running normally. Just a little bit of discomfort especially if at night, when environmental conditions are very low light.

3. Cat Eye Syndrome (CES), Schmid-Fraccaro Syndrome

The next rare human eye abnormalities are cat’s eye syndrome, also known as Schmid-Fraccaro syndrome, the cause of which is a rare chromosomal disorder on chromosome 22 where iris coloboma (lens of the eye, retina, petals, optic disc) has a down and sloping condition such as a triangle or eye shape in cat animals.

This strange eye disorder is a genetic inheritance of the elderly and may decline in generations of offspring. Unlike Polycoria eyes, the condition of cat’s eye syndrome can have adverse effects on the health of the owner especially affecting kidney, heart and ear functions.

4. Haemolacria (Crying Blood)

This is the most horrible human eye disorder in the world. Because the Haemolacria phenomenon or blood crying eyes not only can damage the health of the owner alone but also susceptible to death from infections that suffered if not treated as soon as possible.

According to medical diagnosis, the cause of Haemolacria is due to Gardner Diamond Syndrome disorder that is eye disease that causes blood vessel tissue to accumulate and blood bags will break at any time when the sufferer is experiencing severe stress, excessive anxiety or depression.

The stage is the blood glands will gather first around the eye area, then continue the swelling to the tongue and the whole body. And the cloudy peak of blood will break and arise like the tears of blood.

The most horrible case of Haemolacria in the world has ever happened, experienced by a beautiful 25-year-old Hawaiian girl named Linnie Ikeda. Not only his eyes that can release tears of blood but blood droplets also came out swift on the tongue.

Despite surgery as much as 12 times to unite nerve tongue and cut blood vessels that are around the eye area. But until now the beautiful girl did not experience significant healing.

Doctor’s team can only do blood transfusions regularly so that Linnie Ikeda does not suffocate from too much blood every time she suffered severe depression.

5. Heterochromia

This is the coolest eye disorder in the world. If we see someone has a blue or green eye color just make his appearance cool, how about if there are two different eye colors on the left and right.

These different eye color disorders are referred to as “Heterochromia Iridium” and are often encountered in animals such as cats or Huskey dogs.

But many people also have two different eye colors, for example on famous celebrities like Mila Kunis, Alice Eve and supermodel Sarah McDaniel top. The cause of Heterochromia is an excess or lack of pigment in the eye.

And this is not an eye disease because it does not adversely affect or affect the eye health. For the color was not always the same, there is a green eye color on the left eyeball while on the right is blue and there is a chocolate combined with black, essentially both eye color is definitely different.


Follow Healthy Habits a la Japanese For Longevity

In each birthday prayer, the word long life always tucked away. Pray for your longevity, that’s the prayer that we often hear. But as hard as we pray, if we like to damage health then long life is just a wishful thinking that will not be realized.

Japan is known as a country that has a healthy lifestyle. Even though some health research, the population of Japan has a high life expectancy. Their obesity rate is only 3.5% of the total population of Japan. Rates of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and heart disease were also lower.

Here are some Japanese-style habits that you can adapt to be healthier. What are the habits? Please refer to the following:

1. Likes to Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are one of the most healthy foods for our body. For that, if we want to be healthy, then eat enough vegetables. The Japanese love vegetables very much, and they often make vegetables a composition for diet.

2. Restrict Sweet Foods

The Japanese rarely eat sweet foods or desserts. They prefer to consume green tea or fruit if you want to eat sweet foods. This habit is of course very useful to limit the intake of sugar in the body so as to avoid heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

3. Variations in Carbohydrate Consumption

In Japan, the consumption of carbohydrates is very varied. The Japanese do not eat rice 3 times a day, but they have their own way. Most Japanese have plenty of carbohydrate options besides rice, including udon (noodles from rice), buckwheat (noodles from buckle wheat), and cereals. This helps them to keep their carbohydrate levels in moderation. So, let’s try this kind of thing to live healthily.

4. Consumption of Seaweed

High seaweed will be antioxidant substances in it and able to absorb fat in the body. Therefore, seaweed consumption is suitable for you who want to lose weight.

5. Drinking Green Tea

One of the Japanese cultures that we often see is drinking tea, especially green tea. Green tea includes a very good intake of nutrients for the body because green tea is known to have high antioxidant activity. According to the results of the study, antioxidants catechin and EGCG compounds in green tea can accelerate human body metabolism. So that the nutrients of food and calories in the body can be immediately processed into energy that the body needs to perform activities. Drinking green tea can also reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

6. Stop Eating before Full

Eating does have a purpose to make your stomach full. But the Japanese have the principle to stop eating before they are fully satisfied. This theory is very useful for the food you consume can be digested properly.

7. Eat more Fish

It’s no secret that the Japanese like to eat fish. Fish is a high source of food for omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for brain and heart health. The Japanese themselves eat about 80-100 grams of fish every day.

8. Expand the Walk

Walking is the easiest exercise. However, walking has a great effect on the health of the body. That’s why most Japanese prefer to walk or ride bicycles to work or go to work.

9. Manage Food Simply

In Japan, most people manage food simply by boiling, roasting, or pan-frying for a while. By way of cooking like this, the food will not go through a long process of cooking so that the damage that occurs and free radicals that are formed from every cooking process will be very minimal. And this makes the quality of the food well preserved.

10. Apply a Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle becomes the key for the Japanese to always live healthily. They are hardworking. But they compensate by eating lots of healthy foods and doing physical activity. They also always try to take time to rest.

11. Eat Tofu

Very few Japanese women suffer from osteoporosis. This is because they consume lots of tofu. Tofu contains high isoflavones that are good for the health of female hormones and prevent them from osteoporosis when they enter menopause.

12. Consumption of ‘Bacteria’

There are bacteria that have positive benefits for your digestive health. One of the most easily encountered is the bacteria present in yogurt and pickles. These bacteria can boost your immune system and maintain your intestinal health.…

This is a Sleek and Healthy Chinese Diet

They tend to eat foods that can eliminate toxins in the body (detoxification), and restore balance to the body.

If you drink green tea or hot water with lemon juice in the morning, you actually have applied a way of detoxification ala China.

Instead of applying a strict diet to lose weight, you better change it with a diet that cleanses the body and mind.

The result, the stomach so much flat, skin cleaner, increased energy, and sleep more soundly. The effect was not only temporary; if you get used to this diet you can get the benefits in the long run.

Tea Beverages for Detoxification

There are several types of tea that are said to be nutritious to clean toxins from the body. Ho yan hor herbal tea popularized by Dr. Ho Kai-Cheong is known for its ability to cure flu and relieve headaches.

This tea is made from a mixture of 24 kinds of herbal choices from China, each of which has its own nutritional and healing benefits. Rich in antioxidants and mild diuretic properties, ho yan hor tea is suitable to drink in the morning to cleanse the digestive system from toxins. Another benefit is to make skin glow and increase energy.

Another option is oolong tea, which is often called able to increase fat burning by 10 percent. Eating two cups of oolong tea a day during the detoxification period can help cleanse your system. While green tea that contains a type of antioxidant called catechins is able to clean the toxins from the system through the liquid and improve liver function.

Ginger, Garlic, Pak choi

China has many “super” foods that are beneficial to health. There are vermicelli noodles made from green bean flour rich in antioxidants and can be an alternative to low-calorie noodles.

Green vegetables such as pak choi also include one of detox foods rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants. The benefit is to help nourish the digestive system. You can also try sesame seeds, which are able to protect liver cells from the effects of damage caused by the consumption of alcohol or other chemicals. In addition to being a good choice to rid the body of toxins, sesame can also be a flavor enhancer cuisine.

Ginger and garlic include mandatory condiments in Chinese cuisine. Ginger has a property to relieve digestive disorders such as nausea because it has a natural anti-inflammatory substance enriched with antioxidants. You can enjoy the ginger by putting it in tea, as a seasoning stir, or make it pickled.

Garlic is known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, aiding the natural detoxification of nicotine and other toxins. In addition, garlic is also able to reduce stress, you know! Mix the garlic that has been mashed into all the dishes, or add to the dish that is ready served to provide antibacterial benefits.

Balance Yin and Yang

All foods basically have yin and yang; depending on whether the food produces a “yang” or “cooling” (food “yin”) sensation in the body. This sensation has nothing to do with the taste of food, or how to cook it, but rather the nature of the food.

Heating foods tend to be sweet, that grow in the sun, or contain lots of good fats, such as chocolate, walnuts, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger (the highest “yang” quality), broccoli, cabbage (medium), and sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes (low).

Red meat types such as beef, goat, rabbit, are the “yang” strongest foods, while chicken, bird, or duck have a “yang” moderate quality. Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, butter, have a “yang” element.

While the cooling food grows under a little sunlight, it tends to be salty, rich in potassium and has a soft and wet texture like bananas, oysters, and seaweed. Types of vegetables that have elements of “yin” include eggplant, tomato, zucchini, and cucumber because the water content is high.

Too much food “yang” can cause side effects such as indigestion, uneven skin tone, even irritability. While eating foods “yin” can cause excessive flu, diarrhea, lethargy, skin tend to be moist, and feel depressed.

To balance your diet, consume at least three “yang” and two “yin” foods.…

Healthy Foods That Turns to Storing Dangers

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has found some dangerous threats from foods we consider healthy. Indeed, on the other hand, these foods have many benefits, but in some conditions, these foods actually threaten health.

Raw eggs

Rich in omega-3 content is good for the body, who would have thought this egg brings threats of harmful bacteria Salmonella. In fact, women who are pregnant are forbidden to eat the egg menu is half cooked or raw. “Food is always healthy if we present it in the right and healthy way, so far raw eggs remain a food to avoid We never know if there are any Salmonella bacteria contained in it,” says Craig Herberg, Ph.D., a researcher, and teacher at the University of Minnesota.

Raw vegetables

In the green vegetables, there are various nutrients with high antioxidant content. Unfortunately, not all vegetables are grown organically. Many vegetables that rely on pesticides to overcome pests that attack. And it turns out, even if already washed, often the content of pesticides or chemicals are still attached.

Reported since 1990, there are tens of thousands of cases of people who are poisoned by eating vegetables that still contain pesticides or bacteria.


This dairy-based food is delicious and nutritious. However, there are some pregnant women reported having allergies to cheese such as Feta, Brie, Camembert, Blue-veined and Mexican cheese. The cheeses have the potential to carry Salmonella and Listeria bacteria that can cause a person to miscarry.

Ice Cream

No doubt that ice cream also has a high nutritional value. But some types of ice cream made with a less than perfect pasteurization process is dangerous for health. Some are made from raw eggs, so it is the right medium for the spread of Salmonella bacteria.

Raw Tuna

A raw or well-known fish called sushi is suspected to cause bodily cramps, headaches and uncontrollable nausea. This happens in some cases where raw fish carry bacteria or toxins. The FDA reminds fish to be served in a cooked menu, so toxins and bacteria can die.

Potatoes raw or undercooked

Like other vegetable ingredients, potatoes should be served in a mature form. Why? because raw or undercooked potatoes tend to carry bacteria such as Listeria, Shigella E. Coli, and Salmonella.

Fruit berries and wine

Unnecessary fruit is often peeled directly into the mouth before washing. In fact, we do not know whether there is bacterial or pesticidal content that is still attached to the fruit.

Before cultivating both, it is good to be washed and not served in a raw state.…

Breakfast Dangers With Rice To Avoid


Of course, as we know, breakfast rice is a habit for most Asian societies, a breakfast menu with rice is mandatory for most people, especially those living in the Asian continent, but did you know that there is a danger of breakfast with rice? Rice is beneficial when consumed in the morning, but also there is a bad effect.

Rice is considered a filling breakfast so it is fitting to be enjoyed early in the morning as a breakfast menu before starting the activity. Do not many people consume rice in the morning is excessive and become a habit that hereditary and nothing happened? Is it true that rice has no side effects when enjoyed as breakfast?

Easy Sleep

Fried rice maybe yellow rice can be a delicious and filling breakfast menu for many people. Maybe for you, something like this is not dangerous at all, but the effect will be felt when you do the activity. High carbohydrate intake from the beginning will cause a disturbing effect later on.

The Effect Is Drowsiness

as a result of carbohydrates that enter the body. If the rice consumed includes a lot, then the carbohydrate intake becomes more and more the body is indirectly forced to work harder in the process of converting carbohydrates into glucose. This is what later became the trigger of sleepiness.

Fast Hungry

Eating rice in excess cannot be a guarantee for us continue to feel full when activities until noon. Precisely in a lot of experience of people who like breakfast rice in the morning, hunger will come faster. Glycemic index levels in rice are high.

Increase Blood Sugar Levels

Eating rice as a breakfast menu is classified as common and many consider this very good because it fills. However, it should also be remembered that rice can also increase the risk of diabetes symptoms. For those who have easily increased blood sugar levels, then the white rice breakfast should be limited or even replaced.

Lack Of Concentration

Eating rice in the morning is considered better than eating bread or anything else. But actually, rice will make a person not focus on activities later, especially when eating too much rice. The satiety effect will make the digestive system work harder than normal.

This is what makes the blood flow to the brain decreased because the concentration of blood flow intake focuses more on the gastrointestinal tract. The decreased blood supply to the brain is the cause of the reduced concentration of a person while on the move. Less concentration here can also be a form of excessive sleepiness so that the performance in running the routine was less than the maximum.…